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No one is adding that paper card to their RolodexTM. Stop paying for customers to throw your contact info in the trash. Get the virtual card that will put all of your important contact information directly in your customer’s phone in just a few seconds.

Virtual Business Card

Your info in your customer's phone.

Virtual Business Card

Quickly share your business contact information with a QR code, NFC, messaging, or direct link without needing an app download.

Request Reviews

Stop chasing customers for social reviews.

Request Reviews

Have you ever had to ask a chase customers down to request a Google, Yelp, or Facebook review? What is that link they need to review your business? Use to quickly share your business profile links to request immediately request reviews before your customer gets back to their busy life.

Link Promotion

Promote your links on your social profiles.

Link Promotion

Social profile only letting you share one link? Use your vCard to share all of your important links with one click.


We Make it Easier to Connect to your Customer is a service by SpinnerMedia providing simple and effective business solutions for connecting with customers. Unless you enjoy ordering beautiful business cards just to decorate the landfill, you need a virtual business card! Your vCard can be easily shared from any connected device, and will put your contact information, socials, and other important information directly in your customer’s phone with a built in .vcf file.

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Integrated Links

Connect and share you social, messaging, and portfolio accounts.

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